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Viral marketing, which is what YouTube is known for. With the way YouTube gives immediate worldwide exposure to a person, a brand or a business, it is not surprising that some people out there will try to take advantage of this huge market and earn profits, just like what YouTube views suppliers did.

When you search “buy YouTube views”, Google will give you 899,000,000 search results, which is a humongous number. That is the reason why review sites like Buy YouTube Views Reviews exist to assist you in choosing the most dependable YouTube views supplier or service provider.

Who are the qualifiers that we dug up on the web? Find out below, complete with ranking and features that might help you decide.


Buy Real Marketing
"Great service and great customer support"
Buy Real Marketing Review
Buyreal Marketing
"Fast service delivery and very helpful customer support"
Viralkick Review
99 Degree Marketing
"Going viral has never been easier"
99 Degree Marketing Review
99 degree marketing
"Good company and nice system"
YTPros Review
YT Pros
YouTube Boost
"Good company and nice system"
YouTube Boost Review
yt boost

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Be careful when you Buy YouTube Views Service

Buying YouTube views is not illegal but the practice can have repercussions to the account owner and the video concerned if buyers are not careful in selecting a quality views provider.

Steps in checking a potential service provider that sells quality YouTube views:

Step #1: Go to Google and search “Buy YouTube Views Services”

The suppliers that are on the first and second page of the search results are your potential list of sellers. They are on those positions because they spent time and money optimizing their websites. This also means they are in for the long haul.

Step #2: Check the website

The next thing you do is check the structure of the website. Is it user-friendly? Can you easily find what you are looking for (packages, prices, refund policy, contact info, customer support, etc).

Step #3: Search for reviews of that particular website

If not on Quick YouTube Views Reviews, go to Google and search for “website+reviews” then read each reviews thoroughly. Once you think the reviews are fair, you can proceed to the next step.

Step #4: Check the service features

Pricing of each features – Are the prices reasonable for the packages that the service offer or are they overpriced? There is also danger in super cheap price on a package of YouTube views because they are probably automated.
Delivery time – How long the views be delivered completely? When will the campaign start? How many views will be delivered per day? You must ask these questions, so you can determine whether they can deliver.
Refund Policy – Does the service have a refund policy? You should know the terms of the refund policy. Go for 100% money back regardless whether the views were delivered or not.
Customer support – How will you be able to reach their customer support? Or do they have one? Check if the website offers real 24/7 customer support. There are those websites that say they are available 24/7 but when you check they are most often offline.
Shopping cart – This is not entirely necessary but for ease of purchase, a shopping cart will be very much appreciated, especially with multiple purchase.

Step #5: Buy the cheapest package first

The best way to test the quality of the supplier is to buy their products and experience first-hand their service and the product. To lessen the blow in case the service is indeed a scam, you can try the cheapest product and see whether they are true to their world.

These steps are only a guide to help you through choosing the best YouTube views supplier. If you have a more effective strategy, that’s fine, but if it’s not much of a bother perhaps you can share your strategies to us and other buyers of YouTube views.

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